the Embassy of Brittany - in Great Britain

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this is the site ot the Unified State of Brittany A free state escaping occupation of a foreign country


Now we are established in our original country after being chased by the Saxons
we claim as the true Brythonic people our country back and start in our garden


We declare the independence of
the Unified State of Brittany



Brittany (brît¹n-ê) also Bretagne (bre-tän¹ye) - Breizh in Breton
Celtic historical country
Northwest 'near' France on a peninsula
between the English Channel and the Bay of Biscay.
In  500AD, Brythonics driven out of their homeland
by the Anglo-Saxons 'immigrated' to Armoric
The country was illegally 'annexed' by France in 1532


Brittany at a glance:
That's 5 administrative departments:
- Finistre (Penn ar Bed)
- Ctes d'Armor (
- Morbihan (Mor Bihan)
- Ille et Vilaine (Ill. gwilen ha)
- Loire Atlantique (Liger Atlantel)

It is also historic 9 countries (bro):
- 1: Leon (Leon)
- 2: Cornwall (Kern)
- 3: Trgor (Treger)
- 4: Country of Vannes (Bro Weneda)
- 5: Pays de Saint-Brieuc (Bro-Sant Brieg)
- 6: Pays de Saint-Malo (Sant-Malou Bro)
- 7: Pays Nantais (Bro Naoned)
- 8: County Rennais (Bro Roazhon)
- 9: Pays de Dol (Bro Zol)

These 5 departments or 9 countries represent a historic area 34,487 km ², which is distributed with a population of 4,199,500 inhabitants.

Britanny by comparison with Europe:
12 out of 37 European states are less populated than the UK, and the bottom 10 countries returned to Europe in 2004, 6 are less populated than the UK.

Of the 206 European regions, before expanding to 25 countries, Britain is located at:
- 20th largest in population
- 22nd for the


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